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About Subag Ghee

Desi Ghee has always been an integral part of an Indian tradition. With our only focus on providing the highest quality of Ghee; Subag group has successfully carved a niche in Indian kitchens, be at home, at a hotel or at a divine temple.

With over 27 years of stupendous experience and rooted understanding of the Dairy Industry, VSP Dairy Industries had been embodied with the solo aim of producing and supplying with the finest and purest ghee to the citizens of India.

Since inception, Subag group has diversified with persistent efforts from an ingenious team and overwhelming love and support from its customers. All this has helped Subag Ghee become a name to reckon with in a short span of time.

Subag Ghee is a synonymous of Purity, Taste and Aroma throughout the country. Today, a spoon full of Pure Ghee in a daily meal is not only essential for enhancing the test but has also proved to be a vital source for a well-being. Today, when Ghee is considered again as the new super ingredient in the kitchen, Subag is all committed and equipped to help recreate a healthy future.

Women Power – Subag Ghee

With greater numbers of women in leadership roles, the world’s largest, most profitable family businesses are thriving and the story of Subag Ghee is no different. Through their contribution and commitment, women leaders of the Subag Ghee have won not only the loyalty but also the utmost respect from company employees and from the management team.

The business and the employees have benefited from these women leaders’ long-term approach to management, more inclusive environments, and broader purposes.

Women leaders of the Subag Ghee have also kept family members and employees engage with each other in the company. As a result, relationships and inclusivity have been highly valued. For them, the business is more than a business, “It is a way of life”.


Holy Super Kitchens Reached by SUBAG Ghee

  • Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams ( Tirupati)
  • Sidhdhivinayak Temple Trust ( Mumbai)
  • Shree Sai Baba Sansthan ( Shirdi)

Hotels with Flavor of SUBAG Ghee

  • The Grand Bhagwati
  • The Grand Thakar
  • Iskcon
  • Gordhan Thal and many more . . . .